The Missing Man EP


I’m pretty sure they didn’t mean the stencil was of a pumpkin but rather a stencil for a pumpkin. The image they showed of the stencil was the AFI logo with the triangle around it.


@dnlkdwll I hope you’re right with the 250 of the clear in the signed bundle, actually having the litho AND the vinyl signed. The description says “SIGNED” but then with each item only the litho says “signed”.

EDIT: @Ksf145 I’m not sure cards are the way to go. I think word-of-mouth and online searching is how we will continue to be found. I still have cards. It was kinda difficult to hand them out at the Rise Against shows because you didn’t know who was and who wasn’t an AFI fan.

Also… continuing the topic at hand… what about “The Missing Woman”? Could this EP be coming before an album?


I hope they’re both signed as well. For that price, I expect the vinyl to be signed. At least that’s how I interpreted the bundle listing. I don’t want to think I paid an extra $45 to have a signed 12x12 litho. I will sell that shit immediately if that’s the case.

Based on the press release, it sounds like this EP was a one-off. It sounds like they happened to write the songs while prepping for the MiA tour.


Are you sure these numbers are correct? The signed bundle specifically said:

signed litho limited to 250
clear/black splatter vinyl limited to 750


Yeah I’m sure. Or at least that’s how I am interpreting these listings. It doesn’t hurt for someone to reach out for clarification on some of this info. But it seems as if they set aside portions of the pressings for each bundle. Look at the black/silver for example (can’t find a link or screenshot of the signed clear splatter listing but I’m sure it said it was limited to 250):



Oh weird. So for the black/silver vinyl there’s actually 2500 copies - 1750 alone and 750 in a bundle? I guess that makes sense. Not that it’s a big difference but misleading as the number on the listing is not the total number pressed.


Maybe I’m wrong. Like I said, it’s how I’m interpreting the limited info they are providing. I do remember seeing the signed edition listed as 250 units.


Oh, I think you’re right. I just think how they did it is weird.


It probably makes sense for them for keeping track of inventory and making sure they don’t oversell anything


Yes, the signed bundle was 250.


I didn’t notice that. I think you’re right.


the signed bundle 100% said litho limited to 250 and vinyl limited to 750

not sure what’s going on with the two you posted, maybe they just forgot to put a 1 there, definitely wouldn’t be the first typo (remember the blood listings haha)


I figured I might try to find a cached site, sure enough, here it is:

So to me these numbers mean:

Clear - 750 total, of which 250 are in the signed bundle and 500 in the standard bundle)
Black/silver - 1750 total, of which an undisclosed amount is in the bundle, but they made an error in the description and left out the “1”.

This would be in line with how stores usually market bundles, list the total pressing number for the record and the bundle being part of that total number.

2500 total colored pressings and the rest on black.


Okay, I think you’re right.


@Slinch thank you. This might suck though… it says nothing about a signed vinyl, only lithograph.:frowning:


Yeah, that’s why I didn’t even consider buying it. That’s essentially $13 for the record, $45 for the hoodie (which is absurd to me in itself) and $60 for a signed litho. Way too much in my book :slight_smile:


I saw “signed” and bought without hesitation. This is partly because I’ve missed out on such occasions as the limited Blood vinyls.


I don’t know if it’s been discussed, but a website has the following track lengths:

Trash Bat 2:07
Break Angels 3:27
Back Into The Sun 3:00
Get Dark 2:40
The Missing Man 4:14


Anyone get any items of the new merch?


To be honest…I don’t like the designs that much…might get the windbreaker although $50 seems a little bit high…not sure about the hat yet…