The Missing Man EP


Anyone else checking 5 or 6 times a day if it’s leaked? I’m actually surprised it hasn’t.


Every few hours I look!


It has leaked
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I’ve got it in Australia. And holy damn shit it is freaking good. It’s like everything they’ve released since Sing The Sorrow incorporated into each song. It’s brilliant.


So after a first listen it is a solid EP. My favorites in order:

The Missing Man
Break Angels
Get Dark
Trash Bat
Back Into The Sun shouldn’t have existed. It’s pretty weak.

I’d give this EP 8/10.

The Missing Man is a masterpiece. EDIT: Break Angels too.

I don’t know if it’s the quality of the rip I’m listening to, but the vocals sound TERRIBLE. I’ll wait to listen to the EP on Spotify.


I thought the exact same thing about the vox


After a few listens, Break Angels is my favorite


Trash bat is my favorite missing man following then get dark Break angels and back into the sun are gonna have to warm up to me Im more excited for blaqk Audio then this and have been since after blood tour ended


I haven’t listened to the others yet… :frowning:


I can’t wait for it to drop. I’m dying to just listen to it ;-;


It’s so good. The strings are just great. Definitely keeping it on repeat for the next 24 hours


On first listen, I’m liking Break Angels, Back Into The Sun and The Missing Man, far more than Trash bat or Get Dark


I sat down and listened five times. I think my favorite thing is the variety of how they each feel.

It makes me want to believe it was done purely for the love of making it, which turns my enjoyment up to eleven.


Few listens later. The Missing Man (song) is amazing. Definite standout for me.


Wow. I love The Missing Man!!


Finally listening to “The Missing Man” :slight_smile: Will share my thougths after listening to it a couple times :wink:


I love every song… The Missing Man reminds of a bit of The Wind That Carries Me Away as far as how different it is.

If I had to pick a least favorite… honestly might be Get Dark.

I LOVE how Davey is singing on this EP… dare I admit I have dreamed about Davey singing in an almost Sam Smith style? Davey’s voice is my hero.


Yep, I’m double-posting… I am literally having a hard time taking this EP off of repeat.

WOW… so different, yet just amazing AFI. I’m back to Trash Bat. LET’S GO!!!


Jade mentioned in an interview that he used a lot of Davey’s first takes when putting it together because he felt they had more emotional depth to them. They were more raw. I think that really shows in the final product. I think it was the Heavy mag interview.


I love this. Each song is unique, vocals and instruments both stand out, and i’m loving the increased tempo/drive.