The Missing Man EP


Ok…I’ve been listening to the EP many times…and I gotta say…it’s just wonderful…each song is awesome on it’s own way…

My favorites? The Missing Man and Trash Bat :slight_smile:


I really love the energy on this. First listen wasn’t sold but after many more I like it overall. I think my favorites are Back into the Sun and Get Dark. Not so sure about The Missing Man…


Listened to the EP on repeat. Ive got to say I really liked Break Angels, Get Dark, and Trash Bat on the first listen. Back into the Sun and The Missing Man took a few listens for me but overall love the new EP and the way they went for this one. Cant wait to hear what the next full album sounds like…always surprised and blown away!


Ugh so I finally got around to listening to this. Am I the only one who hears auto-tune all over this thing? I was quite surprised when Dave started singing, but to be honest the vocals don’t sound all that terrible to me. Not great, but after reading through this thread I was almost afraid to listen lol.

I quite like Break Angels. It’s one of the better songs they’ve written in the last decade, in my opinion. I like the guitar tone. I’ve been listening to a lot of death rock/gothic rock recently and the Sisters of Mercy influence is strong on this one, at least instrumentally. Nice to hear more backup vocals too.

I like the acoustic parts in The Missing Man, and the cello is a very nice touch (haven’t heard that in a while!) But it’s completely ruined by the weird squeaky electronic vocals in the background. What’s up with that?? Any time I hear that sound it makes me cringe.

Back Into the Sun bores me for the most part. I personally can’t stand Trash Bat or Get Dark.

Does anyone know if any of these songs might be B-sides or (more likely) songs that never got the chance to even see a recording studio? Because it’s kind of an interesting mix of stuff I hear in other albums. My guess is no, but it makes me wonder. Back Into the Sun almost sounds like it could have been on Decemberunderground. I wouldn’t go as far as to say that it’s like everything they’ve ever done in one EP - definitely not - but these songs sound like some odds and ends from the more recent albums.

Overall 4 of the 5 songs are just stuff I don’t listen to, and this EP is no exception. But I’ve listened to Break Angels a few times now, and it certainly interests me…


Someone asked Jade if the songs were b-sides from other recording sessions and he said no. They were written and recorded earlier this year.


I am also glad to hear more backing vocals. One thing I’ve missed over the years is all the chanting. I’ve realized a lot of the bands I like involve chanting and hand claps. :joy:

I also HATE the weird electronic vocals in The Missing Man. I start to get into the chorus and then it ruins it for me. Don’t care for the guitar on this song; just not my style at all.

Break Angels definitely reminds me of DU.


Trash Bat is slowly growing on me. It’s not gonna be in any best of playlists any time soon, but in the context of the ep it fits a lot more than it did when I first heard it


Thanks guys, now I can’t stop listening to AFI. :joy:

Actually…it started yesterday with Black Sails because it made me shovel snow 3x faster lol. But yeah…now I’m totally bingeing again.

Not that I’m complaining. :metal:


I really like the EP. Favorite track without a doubt is Break Angels. I can’t stop listening…


I feel couldn’t say anything the first few days after it came out, I felt if I had heard all the songs for at least 3 days I’d have a good opinion on it, even though its been much more than 3 days since its release, I’ll put my statement out now. When I first heard the whole thing, I think by default Trash Bat and Get Dark were my favorites, then I heard the rest. I wasn’t expecting The Missing Man to be as soft, but its good, not my favorite. Break Angels was my favorite the first few times, I wasn’t feeling Back Into The Sun until days later which I can now say is probably my favorite.


Okay, I love the EP and I’ve been listening to it on repeat. Like, love love love it whatever.

Is it just me or has Davey been harder and harder to hear clearly on the newer albums? I don’t know if it’s the mixing or if it’s something wrong with my brain, but he just sounds so muffled. I’m honestly having the hardest time I’ve ever had with this band trying to make out the lyrics.


Davey’s sounded a bit muffled on the last couple releases, yeah. I think it’s the production - not quite as polished as during the STS/DU/CL eras.

Also, my record shipped and I am excessively stoked.


I sadly have to agree. The only songs I liked are Break Angels and the Missing Man. I cannot stand Back in the Sun. And wasn’t a fan of Trash Bat either. In 20 years of listening to AFI, this is my first true disappointment. I think more than anything i just do not like the lyrics. I know Davey changed his writing style around CL and I was all for more simple and direct lyrics but some of these are really bad in my opinion.


Not sure if I’ve seen this mentioned, but the vinyl package is very high quality. Also, its not really etched. Looks like spot UV.


Can you upload pics please?


Sorry for the weird angle. Tried to get the best image of the “etching.” That’s the extent of it. Just a small part of the disc.

The sleeve and insert aren’t paper btw. Instead of traditional cardboard jacket, it’s a plastic type. And the insert is a laminate with spot UV finish. Someone posted full pics on Discogs.


Of all three variants, the clear with splatter looks the best imo.


I’m glad to hear the quality is higher than the Blood pressings. 180 gram?


Nope, 150g. A little better than the blood pressings.


More photos of mine, which is now sold out.