The Missing Man EP


The hoodie is the most godamn comfortable and soft hoodie I own omg​:black_heart::black_heart::black_heart::black_heart:


My favorite thing about the twonlimited bundles is its painted in a layered way where you cam see the missing man logo in the vinyl


So this is a first for me. It’s still surreal for me. I’ve never even gotten a “like” from Davey let alone a comment.


I wasnt expecting that at all​:joy::joy::joy::joy: I just woke up and he liked our stuff​:joy::joy::joy:


Awesome!!! after you bought all the bundles :joy:


It appears a shirt I ordered from Germany will end up getting here quicker than my EP. Jealous of all y’all that have yours already - all the vinyl variants certainly look beautiful, ya lucky bastards.


Told you already on Instagram…I’m so happy that Davey himself wrote you a comment! How awesome is that?! Surreal :smiley:


I am happy with what I got.


After several listens, I honestly do not enjoy this EP. I skip just about every song except Get Dark and Trash Bat. I’ve only been able to get through the Missing Man (song) once. Break Angels has the potential but doesn’t exactly meet it. Back into the sun is forgettable. If they played that song at a show, it would take me a few seconds to figure out what they were playing. Also, why is it so difficult to make out the vocals? Did Davey record over a telephone?

Here’s to hoping the next output follows the growth/changes from Burials to Blood into something better.


I am so completely late to the game. I’ve finally received my pre order today. I of course bought the DF pre order. This is my first bundle (been a fan since 2004 only just now joined DF :persevere:). This is my second vinyl as I happened upon a vinyl at hot topic some time back that has Miss Murder and Rabbits on it. Very happy with my bundle ( although it took FOREVER to get here). I have ordered some of the other bundles but they won’t be here til January (because I’m a turtle that is always late :joy:) and


@24HrRevengeTherapy what German site did you use?


@dnlkdwll hopefully it grows on you, but we shall see.

I really enjoy the EP in its entirety. My favorites I think are Break Angels, Back in to the Sun and The Missing Man… but I love the whole thing.

The way Davey sings reminds me of the different types of vocals used in Blood, just an extension of it.


Could anyone take a good picture of the lyric sheet please? All I could find was a low resolution Pic on Instagram.


I can give it a shot, but the dark print on dark shiny paper makes it really hard to take a picture of in the first place (not to mention hard to read in real life). Might be easier to type them out!


You might have to zoom in to see but I tried at least hope you can make it out


@pablo I typed them out into the thread about the lyrics


the EU Kings Road Merch. Didn’t even realize it was based in Germany until I got a tracking number for the Deutsch Post.

Also, my EP has indeed arrived, and the vinyl is absolutely beautiful. The slipcase is kinda unique, I’m not sure if I have another record with one quite like it (as far as the way it feels is concerned). I have a couple CDs with similar packaging, though. The lyrics sheet is so shiny! :stuck_out_tongue:

I enjoy the music itself, though “Back Into the Sun” was a grower for me - it’s probably still my least favorite song on the EP.


Everything #TheMissingMan


Not sure if it was mentioned before, but the clear with splatter is now available separately as well:

Guess I’ll get all versions after all :smiley:


I saw that too and it pissed me off, originally it was only available by the bundle, which I bought only for that record. I’m still irritated on the astronomical shipping fees on this release too.
Only good thing is the hooded sweatshirt is awesome.