The Missing Man EP


Yeah, I’m not playing the bundle game anymore, especially when you factor in international shipping and import costs. So I opted to take a gamble, and considering the high cost of that bundle I was kind of expecting this to show up on its own honestly. :slight_smile:

I did just receive my black/silver swirl copy today, I’m loving the jacket, never saw that finish used before. Though it did arrive with a seam split unfortunately. I haven’t actually listened to the EP yet, at all. Not sure if I should put that on first though, because it arrived together with the Kero Kero Bonito vinyl lot I PO’d around the same time, and I’m kind of digging that more right now :smiley:


Interesting. Now the black/silver does not have a “limited to” quantity listed. And now that the clear w/ splatter is listed alone it also does not have a quantity. Are they not actually limited? That’s the main reason I ordered it. Also, why are they now $16.98? It was $12.98 before.


Yeah, I’m not playing the variant game at all for this shit. I’m really not happy with how this release has been handled at all.


A couple of weeks ago they were $19.98


Not that I regret getting the bundles because I don’t but the “limited to” numbers seem to be deceiving… which isn’t cool.