The Missing Man TOUR DATES


Currently seeing how I can budget a trip to California…


Also FYI that it looks like the tickets for the Sacramento show go on sale on Nov. 2nd, 10am


presale for the DF it 10/29 at 10am

More tour dates please


When will we get a DF email with presale code???


I got the email, so the answer is most certainly yes. Wish I lived closer to California… Maybe I can plan a trip.

If you are a DF member…you should have receive it by now…check your SPAM folder…

They don’t send emails to all DFers anymore. I haven’t received an email in months.

Really? That doesn’t sound right at all :frowning: I guess when they sold the last bundles they asked for emails again…as they might lost them somehow…anyway…that sucks :frowning:

holy shit!yes!Ace of spades is a small place I made the trip to see blaqk audio few years back it’s totally worth it!I need to pull a Jacob and go to both of these but two shows in a week wouldn’t even put me in your league @Cher_I_Despair


I want to figure out how to go to Sacramento so bad! Agh!

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I dont have a code :sleepy: Sucks because I’ve been with DF since 2001 but it was on my AOL account that doesn’t work anymore! Signed back up but no code. Can anyone DM me san diego code? My username is the same on instagram!

So jealous of all you California people. Y’all better take videos.

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If you can I say do it!Ace of spades is an amazing intimate venue I’ve been lucky to see them at Slim’s(tiny club)Catalyst(small) so anytime an intimate show comes up the atmosphere and energy is just on a whole nother level.

Anyone know the deal with the DF presales codes? I’ve been DF since it started. And the AFI HQ Instagram said that the DF presale codes were emailed, but I didn’t not receive one.
Anyone else get one or know what’s going on with that?

Presale is 10/29 I got an email if it’s cool pm me


Its not about how many shows one goes to even though I have many haters who think all I do is brag​:roll_eyes::roll_eyes::roll_eyes:

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Far from bragging my dude all the logistics and sleeping and waiting outside you’ve earned it.Ive been to about 10 AFI shows and I feel fortunate I’d love to have seen then as much as you’ve seen them.

Rad! Ok, how do I do that on this forum. Literally just joined it today. Haha.