Welcome to DespairFaction.Club! (name changed from WeAreAFI)


Hopefully not but the band is usually cool about this as long as we don’t go the route Geoff (just for example nothing against him)did plus were not selling things without their permission.they embraced afinewshq or was it afiseries,eitherway if they endorse a site this is the perfect one


No, you’re right. From a fan point of view, I would like to think that AFI would love the idea that we’re trying to rebuild the community on this forum, but at the same time it is only right to seek consent.

I just sent Adam, Davey, Hunter and Jade all the same message on twitter. My guess is that maybe Adam will respond… we’ll see.


I love the name change.


Thanks for the feedback! :smiley:


Np.i wish my phone would act right cuz i would try to draw up a few ideas for the logo.an upload them.id havta try a different way.


I’d love to see what you come up with.

I’m no graphic designer so my designs are usually nothing I like.


Have any of the responded so far? Just wondering :slight_smile:


Go dark for a few days and all change. I like the new name. Also like how it will certainly rub some members of the fan base (not already on here)up the wrong way when they stumble accross it. Most will be cool with it, but you always get those few who will feel put out (despite the fact there is literally nothing to be put out by)


Not yet, but thanks for asking. If they don’t respond I’m going to assume it’s okay. We need a DF name to go to.

All of my tattoos are AFI… any DF member can trust me on this. I give my word.


Wanted to wish a quick and very Happy Birthday to DFC staff member, @_tonibell !!!

@Blag @insectpins @Hammonds @Snobgrass @Vanished @sayasha


Awesome! Happy Birthday @_tonibell :smiley: Hope you have a great day! :smiley:


Wow, so much has been going on.

Sorry about radio silence. I’ve been applying to PhD programs and have not been home at all going to interviews, trying to plan to relocate. Things are actually settling now.

But seriously, thank you @STORMS and @Blag!


Yes, very happy Birthday @_tonibell :blush:


Thank you! :sparkling_heart::sparkling_heart::sparkling_heart: @snobgrass


Happy Birthday @_tonibell I hope your PhD applications are going well! That’s really exciting!


@sayasha Thank you! They are; it’s just so stressful right now. But thank you so much!


Can we have a small special spot for the old we are afi logo I loved that shit it reminds when I found you all my second family after the DF went off and got married and had kids who does that?!JK I just loved the old logo


Site is being redirected now. Is the new domain over already?


Nope. I’m not sure why it’s happening. I just sent a support message to see why it’s doing that. www.despairfaction.club IS our domain.

It could be worse right now though. It could just not load so I’m glad it’s at least reverting.

But yeah, I already started looking into it.


@dnlkdwll they got us. We’re DFC again. :slight_smile: