Welcome to DespairFaction.Club! (name changed from WeAreAFI)


Just a reminder that we do have a Twitter and a Facebook page

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Can I share some of these photos if you dont mind?


Stumbled upon this. It was the beginning stages. I’m happy to say it came together pretty much exactly how I wanted it; simple.

(this was a “We Are AFI” concept)


Hi all, I just wanted to post to apologize for my lack of activity and news updating lately. Work has been very busy and mentally consuming (in a good way). Often by the time I get home it’s just time to hang with the family, have dinner, etc.

I LOVE signing on after a few days to see all of the activity! Thank you all for continuing to make this place your hang out. :slight_smile:

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Hey! I totally get that. The real world has been a bit rough/hectic for me for the last month or so and will probably continue to be for at least another two weeks. So I totally get it.


I hope we will continue to be a welcoming community and be respectful and cordial to each other.


I haven’t been here long…but I’m sure we will keep being nice and welcoming :slight_smile: All the regulars here and pretty good :slight_smile:


For sure, we will. Ignore the person who is apparently my biggest fan. Thanks to many of you for flagging their posts, I come through and delete it all.

I’m a PM away If anyone needs me. I’ll get an email and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can.


Regarding the events of earlier today, have you considered adding any moderators to the forums to watch for junk like that?


I would definitely consider it. Are any of you interested?


I’d be happy to do it if you let me know what to do.


I’d be down. I check in here a few times a day.


I could do it :slight_smile: Always glad to help :slight_smile:


I also check the forums a couple times a day and am happy to help :slight_smile: though it looks like you’ve got a lot of volunteers!


I granted Mod status to all four of you. Can you see the message I posted in the Staff forum? If so, please reply to it to confirm.


Just a heads up, after some thought and discussion, WeAreAFI.com is likely changing to DespairFaction.club

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Nothing is changing except our domain. ThE goal is making us more streamlined with the official “Despair Faction”.


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Just a heads up of a small and big change to the forums… I switched out domain name to:

In terms of growth, I think having this new domain name will surely get us more recognizable within the AFI community. Since the DespairFaction.com domain hasn’t been in use for some time, I think it’s only right for us to have a DF home again. :slight_smile:

EDIT: Yeah the “Club” domain is meant for night clubs, but the DF is also AFI’s official fan club, so it works. This is probably the best possibly domain we could have.

EDIT: Both WeAreAFI and DespairFaction.Club work for getting to the forums. Soon, both domains will forward to DFC.


I’m already feeling nostalgic for We Are Afi but you are right in terms of its purpose it was for DF related things so I support.I loved Weareafi because I love when seeing them live and they say thank you and the cities name followed by the “We Are Afi”…simple but yet always a powerful moment


Haha, yep… that’s how I named it originally. :slight_smile:

Plus, it may become easier to say over time, i.e. “DFC” instead of “WeAreAFI”, which is also a big deal down the road. Seeing someone at a show, “See you on DFC!”, etc. Maybe wishful thinking… :smiley:

Both domains will continue to work.


Not sure if I like this name change. Not a bad idea for continuity’s sake, but I wouldn’t want to see this site slapped with a cease-and-desist from management. Maybe the band will fully endorse the site at some point.