What non-AFI have you been listening to lately?


Randomly came across this Glasgow-based band a couple days ago and now I’m hooked. They describe themselves as noise pop. I love discovering new up and coming bands, but a little bummed when they have less than 5 songs out in the world.


There there @_tonibell :hugging:,
Have Ville quiet you with his lullaby-like rendition of Annie’s song…

I can take or leave the original but somehow, it being sung by Mr Valo and in Finnish makes it so much better! Very soothing! :purple_heart:


Hollywood undead and ghost b.c :metal:


My baby. :sob: Thank you. I needed to add that to my mourning playlist.


Did I kill this thread with :fire: Finnish-ness? :smirk:

Anyway…been obsessed with this song lately- no official video yet but this live one not bad:
Jessie Ware - Your Domino


Finally got around to picking up the first album from Italian two piece noisy garage something or other band The Devils (just in time for them to come out with a second album). Imagine The White Stripes if they turned everything up to 11, Meg sang, and they were comically into Satan. Fuck yeah.



Hahahaha, if Ville killed the thread, then the thread had a beautiful death. :wink:


Blonde Redhead! Feat. the bassist of Unwound.


Saw The Lillingtons over the weekend and picked up their recent album. Really great and catchy dark sounding pop punk. They’re like the band I’ve always wanted Alkaline Trio to be from looking at Alk3’s artwork.


I need a new band or artist to emulate while Afi preps into Blaqk audio.I love Michael jackson,the dream,early 90s rnb ,70s 80s love songs,soft rock,Italo disco,chillwave,pet shop boys,new order.the smiths.I know my aforementioned taste is a bit funny it makes me laugh so join me just no MJ jokes!Afi fans are the most diverse so if anyone can help it’s you guys.Winner gets my press photo of their choice reprint I have a few but added reprint on the back so no one tries to ebay it.let the music or jokes begin


Gonna throw Night Riots out there again


I ended up buying their work,that was a good recommendation I listen to them at least once a d ay at the gym or taking a nightwalk,I love it. Anything else?
Ps you’re in the lead for the press photo haha


I kind of am in love with Wolf Alice currently…they have span a couple of different types of sounds


Dave Hause. Forgotten how much I love his second album.


Today’s my first day off in like three weeks (had to work during the weekends too). Had a really fucking shit day at work yesterday having to deal with privileged entitled ass clowns who think it’s acceptable to be verbally abusive. I’ve been rockin out to Face to Face and Teenage Bottlerocket all day haha. From :slightly_frowning_face: to :smiley: in less than 5 minutes. :+1:


Godflesh has been on my playlist lately.newer stuff from them.and a band called JK FLESH.


Lately I’ve been listening to a lot of She Wants Revenge.


The Cure Seventeen Seconds

Can’t really say I’m a huge fan of that album but the overall sound fits my headspace lately…


Check out (william control-hate culture)album.the song beautiful loser is so catchy and awesome i promise.the video is wonderfully dark and artistic.


“M” and the singles from that one are great.