What non-AFI have you been listening to lately?


M and Play For Today get stuck in my head all the time. Good tunes.


Lately, a lot of Prurient. Ritual Howls, the new American Nightmare. Cold Cave. Zola Jesus. The Soft Moon. Iceage. Minuit Machine. Lebanon Hanover.


I’ve totally forgot about them,I had friends love them but I never found my niche within their music, the exciting part is now I’ll go back and try again,thanks for the rec!


Thanks!That’s a nice looking list I’m sure I’ll find some good stuff there.thanks again


I’m pretty old school when it comes to music…so other than AFI…I have been listening to The Dwarves…specially “The Dwarves Invented Rock & Roll” which is such a brilliant album :slight_smile:


I’ve been listening to Creeper since last Saturday when I saw them live. I also saw Speak Low if you Speak Love (chillax, sad emo music, their description, not mine, but pretty accurate), Seaway (I don’t know how to describe them, but they were fun), and Neck Deep (closer to sounding like Creeper than the other two bands).

Creeper has some great shout along parts, if you’re looking for that. Super fun show.


Anyone like Shudder to Think? One of the classic 90s Dischord bands, right up there with Fugazi and Jawbox. Heard their self-released first album on the way to a show. He has a very weird voice but it works with the music in the most unexpected way.

Get Your Goat is also really good; a lot more angular and dissonant.


Shout out to Flying Vinyl for offering a service that sends me five 7" a month and introduces me to amazing new bands I wouldn’t have found out otherwise. Best band from this month’s box:


A lot of Suicidal Tendencies lately. Especially Join the Army and Lights…Camera…Revolution!



Saw Peter Hook and the Light last night. I think they’re maybe better suited for the JD stuff overall, but the extended version of this was really awesome and probably the highlight of the show for me:


Wow how was the show,its just Peter right,no bernard,is the chick who was bad ass on the
Synths too?Such an amazing group of bands from JD,I love perfect kiss the extended mixes and all that.I was lucky too see the pet shop boys twice opine to catch hook &new order,I thought hook had aband called free bass with the bassist from the smith’s Andy Rourke I believe his name was.


Yeah, just Peter, no Bernard or Gillian or Stephen. The band had bass/guitar/synth/drums, with Peter also playing bass sometimes but always holding it (kind of reminded me of Tim in Rancid) and doing most of the vocals, with the guitarist occasionally singing some of the higher Bernard parts. According to their wikipedia, Peter’s son usually plays the second bass I guess? It was some cool looking older guy last night though.


Lately I have been back to VooDoo Glow Skulls :slight_smile: And some Faith No More :slight_smile:


Dude that sounds amazing I hope they didn’t come to the states already.I checked and freebass did release material it was Peter and Andy from the smith’s and another fellow from Duran Duran I think,I wanted to like it it had its moments but wasn’t as mind blowing but was still good.Have you ever checked out Electronic?it’s bernard Sumner and Johnny Marr and even Neil tennet on a few tracks.I wasn’t born when it came out but found it in 03 at rasputin my god it is amazing check it out if you havent.What was the set list like?


I’ve heard of his other projects but haven’t really checked them out much. Pretty sure an ex put an Electronic song on a mix for me circa 2004.

The setlist was mostly from the NO and JD Substance collections, with a few other stray songs thrown in. This is pretty close to correct, if not exactly: https://www.setlist.fm/setlist/peter-hook-and-the-light/2018/brooklyn-bowl-las-vegas-nv-53edeb99.html


Been into this new Queen Kwong album lately. It sort of reminds me of my favorite elements of the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, mixed with some later era Icarus Line, maybe? Seeing her open for NIN tonight!


It might shock you, hearing it from me, but…
Good Charlotte - The Young and the Hopeless

They were one of those bands whose singles I’d enjoyed when I was, say, 8 or 9 years old. But I just never got into them, and 15 years and hundreds of other (more interesting) bands came along. Still have the CD though, and thought I’d give a listen.

Needless to say, this record has not aged well at all. Or perhaps it was never a good record in the first place. The lyrics are way too heavy-handed and the sound is generally too overproduced - (see lead single “The Anthem”). That being said, there are a couple standout tracks - “Girls & Boys” somehow still holds up. “Riot Girl” and “The Young and the Hopeless” are at least decent pop-punk tunes. At least I can say it was competent (Hello Josh Freese!). And they are fellow AFI fans so… uh… okay?

Generally I’ve not been too scathing when it comes to music I put here. So I’ll say if you do choose to listen to this record, it’s probably best to listen to it as a perfect period piece, a product of a certain time and place. Or out of a sense of nostalgia.

Now if you’re interested in what I’m actually digging right now, here’s some Scott Walker (not to be confused with the governor from Wisconsin with the same name). If you like David Bowie, this track might be something you’re into. Later efforts became increasingly avant-garde. I’m listening to Tilt right now

The Walker Brothers - “Shutout” - from Nite Flights

Scott Walker - Tilt


Oddly enough my sister mentioned Good Charlotte to me just the other day! I’m with you, most of those songs did not age well…I can’t say my sister has excellent taste in music. She doesn’t tend to listen to anything new, only things she discovered when she was in her teens (or I discovered for her).

I saw Frankie and The Studs open for The Longshots this past week and they were awesome.

Also The Longshots were awesome. I never thought I’d get to see Billie Joe Armstrong in my own little city. Gives me hope that maybe someday an AFI side project will play here!


I have to say I’m really digging this right now,reminds me of blue/Pinkerton era Weezer,I can almost hear Rivers Cuomo in the chorus.