Who has an "AFI" room? Check this out


UPDATE: It turns out this is @Pablo 's room!

Check out this AFI wall art & framed collection! I stumbled upon this on twitter and was blown away. I don’t know these pieces are enlarged album artwork or if these were hand-painted. Regardless, this is my kind of room!

Plus, this person also have quite the collection and a great way to show it off!

Have rooms like this in your house? Post a photo of yours below!




Thank you. That’s my room. I hand painted them all. I mixed the paint myself to get the proper colors, too.

I already have the images that I will paint next.

Also, there are around 10 records with broken frames/glass that are not currently in my walls.


Do share! That is awesome. I’ve never seen anything like this before. You definitely have talent!


AMAZING work! You should be so proud of it.


Wowwww I would sleep so great surrounded by that,that is some amazing work great great job! You don’t happen to live near San francisco?I would have a job for you but more realistically if I paid you would you put your talents on a large canvas for my living room?That’s so awesome man.


I actually live in Mexico, in the very east side. Couldn’t be farther from California haha.


@Pablo Incredible!
I thought it was a photo of the band members on one of your walls but it’s a painting! :heart_eyes:


Thank you! I will make 5 new paintings this weekend. 4 b/w pictures of each of them performing, and one of the TAOD fountains.


Yeah, you need to take photos and post them here. :slight_smile:

You’re work is damn good BTW. It’s basically flawless.


Thanks once again! This weekend I’ll do them. These are the images I’ll paint:

This one of Davey will be 7 ft tall:

And lastly, this one, because I have no artwork of TAOD yet:


I’m also considering doing a speed painting video of the Davey one.


Do you do graphic design, too?


Haha, no. I’m a lawyer. I just know how to make some edits on GIMP.


Well, you’re one hell of an artist then because all of your wall art looks like it’s licensed.


I’ve always thought Pablo did an amazing job on those paintings. I didn’t know you added more!

As for “room” I have a ton of framed stuff hanging all over my house, but this one item has some afi flair to it.


Was that a short sleeve or long sleeve pentagram shirt?


It was the shirt design


Alright so after roughly 15 hours of work, back and feet pain, this is what I’ve got

Will need to put all the records in took out somewhere else. Don’t know where yet. I still need to paint the rest of the band. Not as detailed as Davey though.


You are an amazing artist!!! It’s so perfect! You literally just paint this by looking at a photo?


Thank you! Yes. I just edit the image to convert it to 4 or 5 colors, then I start doing my job!