Who has an "AFI" room? Check this out


Be careful waking up and seeing a gigantic Davey looming over you.


I’ve been creeped out a couple of times by waking up and seeing THE SYMAOYE kid hahaha


Finally finished Davey. Couldn’t be happier with the result. Needless to say, my dying wish is to meet Davey in person, hah.


A little update :

The process is slower as I thought because I’m getting back pains really fast…


I have no words… you’re leaving me more and more speechless.


I want to paint that TAOD sculpture, and the GNG bunny, but I don’t have an ouch space in my walls :frowning:


My thoughts would be “how do I keep my walls forever?”

I hope you never have to move. :slight_smile:


Just finished painting Hunter. Painting Adam now!


Amazing. Those walls are now forever. :slight_smile:


Geez Pablo holy crap!I swear if you need side cash I’ll get you to California to paint me some AFI allover the house!More reasonably if you have time I’d love a two or three piece canvas pm me if your interested in the job you’re an amazing artist!


I didn’t think about this… yes @Pablo do you do canvas work? LOL


Haha, I’ll totally do it when AFI is on tour in your city. Just cover my travel expenses and I’ll take 1 ticket for the show as payment lol


Okay, but you didn’t answer the canvas question. :slight_smile:


Sorry. I had to Google for the translation of that haha. Yes, I can totally do that.


Nice!What are you thinking for canvas I got way too many ideas!


Actually, I would be very interested to see your painting of a “Midnight Sun” depiction.

However, it’s nothing I could request for you to start anytime soon because of a proper cost.

You go first!


@STORMS Haha, I don’t have a great imagination when it comes to interpreting songs. I like to paint portraits and drawings like the paintings you’ve seen from my room.


Haha, np. Fair enough. Perhaps I should try to paint a canvas myself (wouldn’t go well, LOL)


Man I’m trying to narrow it down to what era ! I’d like three separate canvases that make a bigger picture I’m going to have to think,a portion of live shots would be cool mixed with iconic animation I don’t know but as soon as I get more ideas I’ll post


Is your wall finished now? @Pablo Would be great to see the final outcome and also what you did/are doing with all your discs that were on the walls :slight_smile: