AFI Tattoos - I'll start with one of mine!


Thank you guys! <3 Worth every penny!! :wink:

Lots and lots of pennies. Hahaha


I have the STS leaves on the back side of my upper left arm in grey wash, they have lightened up over the years and I never really see them.


I love the simplicity!


I keep fucking up and taking the pictures wrong…they upload sideways!!! What the heck am I doing wrong??


Try taking the photo with your camera, then reviewing it and making sure it’s straight before uploading it.

If you just click the “Upload” button and go to camera, that might be your issue. I guess depending how you’re taking the photo, it might be making it sideways, etc.


I think it’s lovely!!!


Brand new, no colour yet, and still missing some details, but I have finally started my tattoo.


Awesome Bro!! Can’t wait to see the progress!


I have two vaguely AFI related tattoos. A heart behind each ear, though they look different from Davey’s




I have two AFI related tattoos… on my side I Have a flame going up with the lyrics "i remain"from the Nephilim and then as part of my 3/4 sleeve I have the STS leaves logo with each of the four leaves the colour of my families birthstone (mine,my wife and my two daughters) I will try to get pics up eventually



It’s about time people are posting in this thread again. :slight_smile:


I told myself around this time last year that I’d be getting an AFI tattoo in 2018 (if I still wanted one a year later that is) and here we are!!! I have some ideas but this thread has so many awesome tattoos. Thanks for the inspo guys. I’m probably going to get it done once my athletics contract is up in May🙌🏼


My STS leaves are a tad hard to see because we did it in negative gray wash…so no “color” in the leaves, just on the outside.

Then I have a non-afi outer space theme going on my other arm…


Each album has a small tattoo on me. Nothing special, just icons and such. I haven’t made much space for music related pieces. My big pieces are all geometric designs or pieces inspired by art from my favorite comics.


I would love to see them!


Another session. BSITS ship and started colouring. Half assed pics for now.


Sick! I’m anxious to see how your ship turns out.


Fresh session today.


I’m starting to think you only own one shirt