AFI Tattoos - I'll start with one of mine!


It’s my tattoo shirt :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Love the Blood drops on the tombstone!

Very nice overall!


So the other day I made my first tattoo appointment in like 10 years!!! Planning to continue the STS leaves (and feathers) down my arm from my DF logo. :slight_smile:

May 2nd!


I have 5 AFi inspired tattoos but this is my favorite. I got it 3 days after STS released.


There’s been quite a few new AFI tattoos posted on the Fall Children page… it makes me want to redo my appointment that I had to cancel (fell on a meeting date).


I keep seeing those as well. It makes me want to make an appointment so badly.




After vacation and the shows I’m scheduling my first tattoo appointment in years… I’m very anxious to finish my AFI sleeves.


I love your rabbit! That’s gorgeous!


Hi all :grinning: I thought I would share! After my epic journey of following AFI all over the east coast of Australia this was just the perfect way to finish it off.

A coloured interpretation of the art in the STS booklet, I know technically they shouldn’t be blue- but yellow would’ve looked bleh on my pasty skin! I love it.


I love it! I see an STS icon… how many do you have?


I have Davey’s signature on my arm. I definitely want more afi tattoos though, I want to get the decemberunderground bunnies next year but I am stuck on placement, either my shoulder or around my elbow
also kind of want all hallows ep stuff on my arm


I think around your elbow would look pretty cool, i’m Not sure i’ve Seen that placement before


Oh jeez I have so many AFI tattoos, some are cool and some are really, really bad. I used to make snap decisions and just get something done without thinking… they usually turned out pretty poor :laughing:

Anyway here are some of them:

Synesthesia chest piece when it was brand new.

GCIST spine piece

Davey signature and a small Narrative of soul against soul piece

Self explanatory. On my lower belly

Davey portrait

I also have 2x lyrics from The Interview on my fingers ( Scream with me & Drowning in sorrow)

Forever Haunted from TTI and Your Sins into me from S&C on my arm.

Blaqk Audio on my ankle

A CL heart with the lyric I Feel Nothing At All on my foot.

And probably a few more I’m forgetting :rofl:


Your Davey piece is awesome!

I’ve been trying to make a tattoo appointment but it’s been difficult with my work schedule.

Nice tattoos!


Thanks so much :heart: It has a ton of mistakes but I’ve learned to live with them.

What are you getting done?


On my right arm, I’m continuing the leaves and feathers the whole way down my arm.

[EDIT: This is a spin-off of the DF logo with a realistic approach AND a metamorphosis. Angel feathers are falling off exposing the bat / demon wings.]

On my right arm, I have a BSITS tattoo upper-arm, so I want to get AOD on my forearm with the gate of AOD looking out into the ocean of BSITS. :slight_smile: That’s the goal anyway.


I forgot to upload the final results.


That’s looks amazing! It turned out so well!