AFI Tattoos - I'll start with one of mine!


Just rescheduled my appointment. 10/10.


Those are so beautiful, oh my goodness!!:heart_eyes:



Very nice! Are you getting it colored? I love the detail


Definitely will be getting it colored!


This is the continuation of ink that I started over 10 years ago. I have another session planned. This is part of what I got done yesterday.


That is gorgeous @STORMS


Thanks! I definitely don’t miss the pain of a tattoo but it was worth it.


Hey everyone some unforseen expenses just happened to me and Im starting to sel off some of the collection if any ones interested in some things there only like 6 or 7 im realy wanting to hold on to.


Killer pieces here. I have a huge art of drowning half sleeve and some symbols from Sts on my forearms. Will upload pics at some point too lazy now :slight_smile:


Sucks to hear, but good luck taking care of it all.


Thought I’d share what I have so far.

STS was my very first tattoo at 18. Embarrassed that I didn’t realize they were supposed to face the other way and the artist didn’t say anything…oh well. At least it’s not as obvious now that I have a whole sleeve.

This summer I got matching east bay cats with my DF buddy that I met after moving to Richmond. It was very exciting to make an AFI friend that I didn’t meet on the internet and didn’t live hundreds of miles away.

Lastly, I have a Hunter Revenge tattoo. I got to meet Hunter in '09 and show it to him which was really awesome.


I got this one done 8 years ago. AOD is my go to album when things get dark ever since I’ve been 12 years old. It was a no brainer to have my first AFI tattoo be one with the artwork from that album. I wanted to have the snow in it as well, but the tattoo artist at the time said he couldn’t do it. I am pleased how it turned out, but a little disappointed about not having the snow in it. I’m saving my money now to have the colouring redone (the colours are starting to fade) and finish the whole sleeve to be dedicated to AFI. I definately want artwork from BSITS and STS to be included.


I love the EBHC tat!


Does anyone have a good quality image of the heart from the AOD booklet (I think that’s where it is)? I only have the vinyl which only has a white lyric insert. Was hit with inspiration for a tattoo.


Even if you can’t find an image of higher quality… a tattoo artist should have no issue drawing this up and prepping a stencil.


Didn’t get the best picture since it wraps around and makes it look wonky but I’m really pumped on my new tattoo. It was a birthday present to myself.


I scanned this years ago:


Thanks for sharing - I think this is the pic I ended up finding online. I was able to use it to get the tattoo posted above. You rule for sharing everything on the internet. :slightly_smiling_face:


I’m sorry, I didn’t see you had it done already. Somehow I didn’t notice the Pic with the tattoo. Turned out amazing!