In search of... what's on your wish list?


Hm… that poster says there’s a Wingnut cassette. Any of you guys have that? It’s not on discogs.


I don’t think I’ve ever seen a Wingnut version on cassette


Heads up to UK folks especially (due to shipping)

AFI merch link below:


Looking to get my hands on a turquoise version especially or pink/magenta or any of the other blue variants possibly. If anyone has one to sell please respond! Or point me in the right direction. Thanks alot ! I’m talking about TAOD btw thanks!


@Tommydpo I loved the post for you. :slight_smile:

@dnlkdwll @Snobgrass @insectpins in case you guys have any of these as doubles?


Unfortunately I haven’t gotten into all the color variations as a collector yet.


I do have a bunch of 7” & 10” stuff in doubles and some triples that I could make a list of if anyone interested.


These are the only ones I can find online:

This is the TAOD variant I framed. The purple matches the purple on the cover.


My main things are:

! Black on black STS
! Totalimmortal promo
! Miss Murder remix promo cd
! French girls not grey promo
! Card sleeve AP EP
! Japanese xtoy editions of ATASF and SYMOYE


There’s a guy on Instagram selling the AP EP. His name is afi_collection4sale . I bought a picture disc from him last week. Go check him out.


Cheers. A little over what I’m willing to pay for it at the min. Got the AP EP already, just not with the sleeve.

Actually, that’s a point. Anyone on here got the AP EP and able to put up high quality scans of the front and rear cover so I can print and make my own?


Check Discogs. @Acidpickle spent a lot of time adding high resolution scans to AFI releases.


Cheers, will have another look when I get to my computer. The ones I saw looked fairly pixalated when zoomed in, but don’t know if that’s just because I’m on a phone.


Does anyone have a Red ‘Hot Topic’ BSITS spare for sale or swap? I have 3/5 albums in red HT versions but this one seems hardest to come by. There is one currently on eBay but the seller wants stupid money for it (despite having 6 for sale!!) and postage/import charges collectively make it about £70 in total ($95) !! :nauseated_face:


This is the only one I need. Haven’t seen one for a decent price since they first were released.


The thing that I realllllly want the most are the set of 2 hair elastics from the Burials era. I can’t even find a pic of them to post, but one was gray and the other was black and they can double as bracelets.

Been checking ebay regularly with no luck. Gah.


I know which ones you are referencing! I used to have them, but they disappeared on a Disney trip. Such a bummer. If I see someone selling them, I’Kk let you know.


DU and STS vinyl… any version/colour… I am not a completist and only need a single vinyl of each full length… done to these last two


@KC81, Don’t know if @Ksf145 has sold his two DUs?


Would be much appreciated! :slight_smile: