In search of... what's on your wish list?


Anyone looking for one if these? I have a spare so let me know if you’re interested. :+1:t3:


How much would you be willing to part with it for? Also I’m financially in a rut this month so it’ll have to wait till next month for me to pay, I’d love to have it but if anyone here would like it more/sooner it’s cool


Well I found Clandestine finally for 2 dollars at half price books now just to get it signed. I would really love these shoes


I have this STS era American apparel jacket it’s a small or a medium I can’t remember whoever wants it its yours mines in black though


Really weird seeing this photo and recognizing my house. Where did you find the photo?


Are you asking about the jacket?I just Google afi STS track jacket and finally found one that’s like the one I’m giving away except mines black,I can take it down I totally understamd


Those shows were amazing I saw them live twice when davey had the Edward scissor hand look I loved it,have you ever seen the festimad show it used to be allover the p2p sites.Also doesn’t the Astoria show have sacrifice theory?


Hey! If you still have it, I’ll take it. How much?


It’s yours,free`


Okay, you get another try:


Damn, this dude must have seen how much the one went for the other day and wants to capitalize on his investment. My issue is Christmas is in 8 weeks and I should save my cash for that. I appreciate the heads up!!


Help me here… it’s from 2015… so this is a Test Pressing for the 20th anniversary version?


FYI for anyone looking for this shirt…

However, I do believe it’s fake. I have this shirt and mine has the CinderBlock copyright info at the bottom, this one linked, does NOT.


Back in the day, they pressed somewhere between 38 and 50 test pressings for FitO. The extras were meant to be used for a special release variant of the EP. This never came to fruition.

Back in 2015, Geoff and Wedge finally decided to do something with these copies, and made the Halloween variant /31. So these are OG test pressings with new labels and sleeves and special junk that comes with them.


Thanks so much! I responded to your DM yesterday. :slight_smile:


Weren’t 12 of them used as a hand colored sleeve variant?


You’re a vault of knowledge - thanks!


That much I’m not sure.


Never heard of Festimad. I’m about 99% certain they played Sacrifice Theory at the Astoria show, it’s been several months since I’ve watched that show in its entirety but I’m pretty sure they did. They opened with Strength Through Wounding and played The Prayer Position, of that much I’m positive. I can’t tell you how completely envious I am that you saw them TWICE back then. I’d give anything I own for a time machine to catch them play a few songs in 2003. Wrong place, wrong time, as has been pretty much everything else in my life…


Yep. 50 FITO test pressings in total from 1995. 12 were used as promos with blue/red labels. I once won one on ebay, but the seller “lost it”. Of the 38 remaining, 31 got transformed into the Halloween edition. There are 7 white label originals somewhere.