In search of... what's on your wish list?


I would like to get my hands on a copy of Clandestine. Can anyone tell me how much I should reasonably be able to get one for? Seen a couple on ebay around the $75-$100 mark which seems steep to me since it’s not that rare (allegedly 20,000 copies produced). Found cheaper copies on US Amazon but of course, they won’t ship to me in UK :cry:
@Ksf145 I’m very jealous of your $2 bargain.

P.S. If anyone has a spare and would like to sell, let me know, thanks.


I’ll keep my eye out for you I gomto half price books and amoeba and rasputin in sf.They were selling clandestine as a book!And I opened it up and both cds were there.I would say for an opened copy most 30 dollars,amoeba offered me 2 dollars for trade I was curious because they had it on sale in sealed copy for 150.I’'ll keep my eyes peeled I’m sure I can find you one!


How much are they on amazon? I have an account send me the link of what you want I’ll order it on my card then ship it to you in the UK don’t let that stop you,I’ll help you out


That is my initial thought aswell there’s something not right but maybe he had a whole box I don’t want to falsely accuse anyone bUT he does seem off,I saw we look at the bid history and see if we can find some fishy Ness in the bids like he has multiple accounts and bid boosts


Thank you for offering to keep a look out. Cheapest complete copy on Amazon was $20 but from a seller with only 1 (and albeit negative rating). Next cheapest complete copy was $39 but if you reckon $30 for an opened copy then perhaps I should wait a while…

@Vanished I’m a few days late but wanted to say congrats on your job. Don’t spend it all on AFI! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Lol well thank you! It’s actually pretty fucking sweet. I’m working for the NCAA (collegiate athletics, don’t know if you’ve got something like that in the UK). Private university. Got my own office and everything. Benefits are sick even though it’s part time. I still have no idea how I managed to get this job lol. You shouldn’t have asked, I love to brag about it now. :joy:

I’ll try not to constantly stalk ebay. Key word here is try. (But I mean I really really want to acquire some Black Sails vinyl…) :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Oh wait, you didn’t even ask(!) :speak_no_evil:


Clandestine was $23.99 brand new. If you can get it new or gently used for $60 or cheaper, I would go for it.

Sing the Sorrow was and still is such an epic album for them…




Aww thanks lol. Everyone’s being all nice and everything. :hugging:


This saddens me. It’s someone selling their LP box set (SECOND PRESSING), but doing it record by record, so this set will be scattered among multiple people.

The FIRST pressing was all clear vinyl.


Black marker on black sleeve. Genius.


I can share the super high resolution scan of my wingnut promo pic for everyone to download, and save their money from buying it somewhere else.


Signatures look fake


This is super nice of you, but it scares me about the authenticity of mine. Is there any good way to confirm if one is real or not? I have the Wingnut photo.


Sorry I’m late but thanks for the info :). Missed my chance unfortunately because quel surprise since I posted on here, both ones on US Amazon have sold :expressionless: but will know for next time :wink:.


I’ll be curious to see what this goes for… currently at $31.


Aw man, I’m so tempted to bid but I really don’t have the money.

(Side note: “New album available now on LP, CD, and CASSETTE”…my god do I feel old as shit…then again, I really miss when you actually had to go out and physically purchase music on a physical piece of media…)


Yeah, same here… it’s nuts how times have changed. I do have some of these cassettes, including SYMAOYE. When I got them I knew they’d just be collector pieces.


Don’t suppose any of you have a spare copy of Decemberunderground with Hunters face on it do you? It’s the last one I need!!! :weary: