Post Your AFI Collections




Is that a HUGE All Hallows STICKER??? If so, you’ve kept that in incredible shape!

EDIT: I shared your photo :slight_smile:


@Nick210 had to go and ruin everyone else’s All Hallow photos by having a badass setup.

Here’s mine though.


Nah, it’s just some big painting thing I did years ago.


@Acidpickle Sorry Dude.




Just what I have off hand an old promo poster from sts,a signed blood album signed twice by
Davey who ever so slyly xed out one of his double signatures haha,I have STS and DU signed aswell a


God dammit, Davey, this is why we can’t have nice things.

LOL. This is great!


What are the tiny things in the middle of the photo? Are those pins?


Yep. Unofficial ones


What? Halloween collections without one of the dark red/brown 7"s or Totalimmortal error press CDs? :wink:
Just kidding - this is awesome!


Photos or you don’t have them. :wink:


This needs to be seen by the band,tweet to all of them and we will RT it,I doubt they have those let alone know some of those pressings exist


Hunter ‘liked’ my photo on Instagram!! :grinning:


It’s such a glorious moment when Hunter graces your day. :slight_smile:

Will Hunter ever “Like” your post on here? :wink:


Ok, if you insist!

I won’t post the other more common ones, cos I can’t be arsed digging it all out. But thanks to @Snobgrass for the blue All Hallows trade!! :+1:
I was a bit late posting the cassette out - sorry. But it should be with you soon.


Prefect! It showed up safe and sound?


Ooo finally a good comparison pic of the two AH pressings. Thank you.


What’s the significance with the darker All Hallows brown vinyl??? Where’d the get it and when? How limited is it?

Jesus, sometimes I feel like an AFI collector virgin when I’m in the room with all of you, LOL.

EDIT: And I gotta see what pressing of that Totalimmortal single I have is. Is one or the other more or less common?


You??? Imagine how I feel. I gotta stay out of this thread, I get insanely jealous.