Post Your AFI Collections


It’s just nuts seeing how much is really out there. When I first started these forums I thought my collection was quite immense, but it seems kinda mediocre in comparison.

I guess becoming a fan in '00 was a great time to become a fan because there was SO MUCH to look forward to. The DF didn’t start till '02 and we had forums on AFI’s site.

However, I am back to looking at ebay pretty regularly to see if there’s anything that I must have… i.e. Dork, LOL.


I didn’t even own anything until I was like 16…I was only able to listen to the earlier albums because my best friend in middle school’s older brother was a fan, and he burned all the albums for me. So for years I had to make do with pirated copies.

Considering my entire collection sans my Sing the Sorrow poster - which I finally framed a few weeks ago - can fit inside like an 8 x 12 box, it seems puny compared to the massive collections I see here.


Well, I USED to have that poster but have no idea where it got to, so I am also envious of you.

Seriously, that poster is not common and marks an historical time for the band. Anything during the STS era really. For example, the black STS copies sold on tour… apparently incredibly hard to find.


There are a couple of other posters I’ve been hunting for from that time. I found one a couple of months ago but really didn’t have the money for it. It’s probably long gone now. I feel like I’ve posted about this before lol.

Mmm…Sing the Sorrow…I actually listened to it today. Had to run some errands since I actually didn’t have to work today for once, so I jammed to it in the car. And it’s a perfect autumn day here, raining and so dark and foggy, orange and red leaves, the perfect setting to listen to it, so moody…uuuuugh…that album still blows my mind and excites me nearly as much as it did the first time I heard it. It’s just so fucking good


Yup got it - thanks so much!


Nothing really known of the dark All Hallows 7". It’s just very rare. It’s not a separate pressing, part of the 1000 press.

Re the Totalimmortal CDs… The one with all the stuff printed overlapping is obviously some kind of design error. My assumption is that it was corrected, resulting in the corrected one. The normal one is pretty darn rare, but my error press (edit: was) the only known one I knew of.


I just checked mine. :slight_smile:



Boom. Very nice… :ok_hand:


I was pleasantly surprised about this. I don’t know if I ever realized there were two versions. :slight_smile:


Unless I misremembered which one was the rarest one… In my mind it was the one with the printing f*ck up. Maybe the almost impossible to find one was the other (as the printing error one is also shown on Discogs). Haven’t thought about it for so long I can’t be sure. Just keep your eyes peeled, I’m sure you’ll be able to pick up both eventually.


I guess the real question is how many of these in total were released?


Who knows?! Not many, and of them obviously not very many made it into the public sphere.


Here’s some of my earlier hoodies. I recently found my DU zipup, which is in awesome condition still.

The STS hoodie is ripped down the center a bit… I need to sew that before I wear it again. :frowning:


Question is, “What was AFI’s first 10” vinyl release?"
Answer is, “336 picture disc w/ “Now the World” & Reiver’s Music”

I have three of them. I worked at Hot Topic when this came out.


I’m double -posting because received this today from @Snobgrass !!! THANK YOU!!!

Packaged beautifully.

So, I want to mention that @Snobgrass drove OVER 3hrs to a place nearest to him to pick up their extra copies. He knew I didn’t have one and OFFERED to send me one in thanks for starting these forums. Dave, you’re amazing. THANK YOU! :slight_smile:

Honestly, I may just keep it sealed. I’m in love! :smiley:


Hey man, it’s the least I could do. Thank you for creating this hang out for us. :jack_o_lantern:


Three variants or just three of the same? If three of the same, would you be willing to part with one? :stuck_out_tongue::innocent:


Three of the same. There aren’t any variants to that picture disc.

Yes, I’d be willing to part with an extra knowing it went to another collector.


Uh…can I have one too?? :innocent:


No variants, but I believe there are two separate, identical pressings of 2500.