Post Your AFI Collections


Lol!! That’s awesome. They were “in store only” versions haha!!


You have some great pressings my Friend! Very cool!


Yeah, he likes to flip them on eBay every once in a while.


Also have these two decks


As someone who has bought from you on eBay, I can vouch that you flip them.


NICE collection! You’re the only other person I know of who has an AFI skate deck.

I’m also insanely jealous of your Dork. That’s the ONE record that I absolutely need yet.


I don’t skate but those are BEAUTIFUL! :heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


Who has this:

I’d marked as having it, but now struggling to recall a 4trk german single for TLSP2, so am going to check and revise that status if needed. Any of you who marked as having it, please share some pics. I know there’s an uber rare 2trk single not on Discogs, that I have somewhere in the collection. Help me out!

I suspect it might be a catalogue error on Discogs, but happy to be wrong about that. I can’t remember seeing it on any previous discographies or collections.


Ignore any submissions from that user. I’ve had to fix some in the past. They just list the country as Germany for all of their AFI submissions and never upload any photos when you ask for proof.


I have been on the search for that one forever, and have not been able to confirm it’s existence or receive any photo evidence of it otherwise.


Thanks guys. I’m calling bs on that release then and taking it off my list. Also I have the German single, and that’s not it- so should’ve been obvious to me really. Can we do anything to remove phoney submissions?


You can request a merge but I’m not sure it will be approved. It’s technically listed different from this one:

They are listed with different manufacturers. One was manufactured for release in the UK only and the other was manufactured for the rest of Europe. Without proof to confirm the differences, a merge isn’t certain.


Ok so I don’t contribute that much, so here’s some pics of rarities including that TLSP2 German single I mentioned. For you all before Discogs crushes them down to about 4 pixels… I actually forgot the GNG existed, I saw it on the shelf when I grabbed the Taiwanese STS.


Really appreciate you adding this stuff onto Discogs.


Arghh someone just added a duplicate STS Argentina edition on Discogs. Not good for all us OCD people!


As @dnlkdwll can back me up, Discogs can get annoying with the freedom to do whatever you want and change stuff without any proper proof.

It’ll get even worse with the LP colours because of the similarities and the small differences.

We just have to remain diligent and keep everything as tidy as possible (you may have noticed me doing some minor edits on your contributions).


No problem, and thanks for tidying! :grin:
It’s a double edged sword for sure.


How certain are you that GNG is a German only single? All other German only releases from that time are licensed to Motor and this one isn’t.


That comic sans type on the UK GNG promo is repulsive


I just call it that, because an old discography (AFI Series) called the 2trk GNG & TLSP2 singles German singles, and called the 4trk GNG an EU single. IDK, maybe match it up with whatever the 2trk GNG single is?