Post Your AFI Collections


Not sure if I wanna go a gold frame or not… the thought behind that is to make it look “royal”. :slight_smile:

I’m not getting them quite yet, but soon… perhaps after my tax return. I was going through my collection today to put my AAI records away, plus my DF package, etc and it looks like I need to buy a fourth bin to store it all. :smiley:



Found a pic. This was the Chinese counterfeit. I think there was another one as well that was almost impossible to tell the difference


Cool, thanks! I remember seeing this image years ago.


Now up to 14 different versions of this album on vinyl (16 if you include the Nitro Box Sets)


Nice! For those who want to add some more as well, AOD is pretty cheap now on amazon (just over $11). Got the heads up via this site that tracks price drops:

Amazon shows it’s currently out of stock, but I ordered two to secure the price for when they get more in.


Taking those types of photos is so time consuming. I did it once a few years ago and it took me 4 hours to do everything.

I have total different variants of each:

Use your imagination to picture the collection. Also, it’s been awhile but I have a few that I think I need to add to Discogs.

Edit: I keep a photo log in my onedrive to help keep track of what I have and avoid duplicates.


When I laid out my entire collection I started at 5 and put away the last record at 10.


Yeah I’m not doing it again anytime soon.


Last time I did that was in 2009.


@dnlkdwll what colors did you choose for framing your Dork? It is technically white or tan with black trim? That’s the only thing I don’t like about this website, it doesn’t give you a preview of what it will look like.

Thanks in advance! I’m looking to buy two; one for my BTT and Eddie Picnics.


White with black trim. I would say the coloring on the site and pics are true to actual colors.


Listen to Cold Cave at all? My favourite at the moment!


Never heard of them, I’ll give 'em a listen. I’m mostly into stuff like Perturbator, Carpenter Brut, Electric Youth, The Midnight, Le Matos, Kavinsky, pretty much your standard 80s heavy electronica.

To go slightly back on-topic, does anyone here spend a lot of time on discogs? I know @dnlkdwll is very active on there. The AFI discography has been bugging me for the longest time now, and I’d love to do some cleanup, but wanted some input first. My main pet-peeve is the nitro catalog. The way so many random colors have their own release page, but then there’s a ton that don’t, because the presses were literally “random”. Many similar releases use just one discogs release and then show all the random variations in pictures or maybe list them in the description. It also takes away from the colored versions that were actually intentional and advertised with the hype stickers, because they get lost among the rest. It’s also totally inconsistent because there are no “official” variation names, and you have examples when there are (pics of) two records on almost identical colors under two different release variations, but then you also have two (pics of) very different colored records under the same release variation. Maybe it’s just the OCD in me, I don’t know. :slight_smile:


Me and @dnlkdwll did some major maintenance as far as pictures and editing over the past year (bigger thanks to @dnlkdwll as he built it up initially), and it’s such a pain in the ass on there. I’m open to anything, but I know @dnlkdwll knows the rules a lot better than I do.


If you guys prefer, we can make a new thread for working on discogs


that might be best. I say we do it.


Did it, with a dumb title to boot :sweat_smile:


Through our bleeding we are one,if anyone deserves one it’s you for giving us this place to hang out,it will happen Storms


I saw electric youth live amazing please do if you get the chance"faces" was amazing


I received my blood album on CD from the Russian federation.its in a jewel case,very cool.and I’ve gotten a taod again because the packaging wasnt complete with my other one.and I’ve gotten the blood album numbered promo CD,card stock,white back with song titles.soon as I get a good working phone I’ll arrange my collection and put pics up.its a cool Lil collection.keep in mind i had to start over again with most everything after losing everything i owned.(almost tragic)