Post Your AFI Collections


Your variant game is strong my bro damn puts me to shame.I finally got all the Fito’s except for the test press and all the blood variants they are beautiful records


Thats bootleg AF they copied the back of the art of drowning booklet :joy::joy::joy:


This is by far the most unique Nitro pressing I own now.


I had a feeling you were the one bold enough to spend $120+ for that


What’s this one limited to?

Nice looking record!


As with all Nitro pressings, we’ll never really know, but this one look at like a switchover colour. Meaning they were done with the reddish colour and then threw a blue colour in without cleaning the stamper.


So I picked up some additions to my collection today and spent like 750$-_- but there were also doubles of rare pressings so Now im trying to sell those to try to get a little back to pay bills with lol.

These were my doubles I ended up getting


also this sealed wingnut pressing signed by geoff kresge


And these were my additions I didnt have


There was an awesome light blue VPOY (looked super awesome)on EBAY and a translucent yellow Symaoye did you happen to see those?If you got doubles I’m interested in the red single line titled Answer that or the double lined titled either one is cool let me know what you want for them bro!Also are all single line titled Answer that’s wing nut versions?
Here’s from.discogs limited to 500 I think $75 was starting price or it could’ve been $125 can’t rememberjpeg


One thing that I don’t miss about being submerged in AFI… depletion of funds. With being a collector, we all know that one simple ebay visit could mean $$$.


I hope it’s no one on here reordering the vinyl images on Discogs. I haven’t had a chance to go and fix it yet and I’m getting pissed off when new users come on and mess up all the work we’ve done on there.


I scroll through the variants and it seems like it’s solid,awesome to see all the presses,I do see your name down there ALOT so that must’ve been ALOT of work.


I think @dnlkdwll would have an aneurysm if he saw the mess it’s become.


I messaged them the day they made the changes. They said they were going to fix it. At this point since they haven’t fixed it, then it’s best to just report them to Discogs support team and revoke their editing privileges.


I’m glad you were on the ball. I put a ton of them back but I dunno if I got them all.


thank you guys i use that alot for reference @dnlkdwll and @Acidpickle you guys put alot of work into that its basically the definitive vinyl resource


Yeah… if I have vinyl questions: @dnlkdwll and @insectpins


Thank you @Cher_I_Despair they arrived perfect condition.


Im glad The boxes were fucking huge​:joy::joy::joy: