Post Your AFI Collections



Some new AFI stickers for the collection! If anyone has any spares or wants to swap then let me know.



I found a variant today I’m not sure which but I believe it’s not a OG due to the label.
EDIT:Discogs says part of a box set?Which set was this?I remember the clear ones…anyone know the rarity/value?I’d like to trade towards a FITO original or test press.BtW they had Missing Man Ep on vinyl if anyone needs a copy.


This is the ‘Plum’ variant as listed on Discogs, it’s not part of a Boxset. There’s a Clear Boxset and a Grey Boxset, this Plum Pressing is just the only other one that uses the same labels.
I don’t know that it’s especially rare as it falls within a time that Nitro Records forgot to count, but it’s definitely one of the more unique variants out there. Discogs doesn’t appear to have any previous sales activity to base a price on but there is only 16 people listed on there that own it!
Good luck with getting the FITO! :+1:t3:


Thanks man!It didn’t even dawn on me that it was plum variant,that’s where my confusion came from.In person it doesn’t look as purple as my photo did,I guess no matter how long a fan noob mistakes never die!Ill be holding onto it based on the lack of info.That halloween FITO test press is likely to never happen those prices are insane!Did you get one?


No probs mate! Yeah I got one last year in the end, having missed out when it first went on sale. I think there was some talk on this forum previously, if not it’s own thread, but after the 31 were sold there was only 1 that changed hands on eBay soon after. Since then I think there’s only been about 2 or 3 resold and that has all been in the last 2 years. The one I got through Discogs in July ‘18 is the only one sold through there (check price paid if you want, I also got kicked in the balls with Customs to the tune of about £75 when it arrived in the UK, lol!!).
I’d say the the difficulty in picking up a copy of this would be dislodging it from someone’s collection. From what I’ve seen both on here and on Instagram, there’s so many people out there that have pretty impressive collections that wouldn’t want to sell it. I actually made a list of all the people that I knew had it when I was trying to locate one before! :laughing:
Good luck!!


Wow that is absolutely beautiful!Did the whole fito set come in a special box or anything?I’ve seen the shirt and accessories but nothing else in regards to packaging.$75 !For customs That’s not fair man but it’s worth it,you’re right too I’ve only saw one on eBay I believe it eclipsed$600!I’ve accepted I probably will never own that one but at least I have all the others and if I get bored thank the Lord every vinyl has about 20 variants!


It came in a shiny, black cardboard box with a tshirt and other little goodies.


Another bootleg to add to the bootleg cd collection.


Nice one @Snobgrass :+1:t3: I actually made an offer on Discogs for this CD! I said to @Acidpickle that I expected to see you post it on here once my offer was cancelled as someone had agreed to buy it, ha!
It’s difficult to know what to pay for some of these unofficial CD’s and I always feel compelled to make an offer on Discogs where sellers have that as an option!


@Nick210 I usually make an offer too but in the case of rarer items I’ll usually just buy it if i feel it’s not overly expensive. Now if they had a couple
other items from my want list I’d definitely see if they would do a deal. Hopefully another one will pop up, even though it’s a bootleg it’s still a neat cd. Now i know your in the lurking shadows haha!


I’m curious - what is everyone’s take on bootlegs? I feel like it varies greatly between fandoms…


AFI bootlegs are nothing special. Usually just compilations of already released material.


Damn!! Would you consider selling that? Or is that forever yours?


Depends on the bootleg. The compilation cd’s not so much. I wouldn’t pay much if anything at all for them. However, the full (pretty much) Live At Hardrock show from 2003 is a much better listen than the released ‘I heard a voice’


Live at Hardrock is one of my favorites! I recorded it onto VHS when it premiered on MTV haha


just a couple of my things excluding more shirts that are in storage, amongst other things like records, posters, patches, stickers etc


Lmao I asked the same. :slight_smile:


Do you have any of the promo copies?